November 4, 2013#

Help us make our new short film “WEEKEND WARRIOR”

Fans, friends, and family, unite!  Visit our indiegogo page to help support  - “Weekend Warrior”  http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/weekend-warrior/x/55041

It’s about a character named Bobby Reddick, who has joined the part-time army for personal therapy rather than to fight overseas.  All 3 of us bros are going to make an appearance, and I swear it’s going to be the best part-time military comedy every made.  If you’ve ever thought about joining the army once, this film is for you… and there are some cool perks and incentives, like a green army usb guy .


December 23, 2012#

New short celebrates the dark side of the holiday season

A film about being single during the holidays.

Written by Conor Casey and Dillon Casey, Directed by Lyndon Casey

August 29, 2012#

Dillon Casey to star in Indie Film “Only I”

Behind the Scenes Footage.  Dillon plays an MMA fighting badass.


June 5, 2012#

The Anti-Workout

May 8, 2012#

New short coming soon.

When the Warden discovers one of his inmates is a talented tennis player, he offers him to play a high stakes doubles match with his freedom on the line, but the inmate has other plans.

April 25, 2012#

Mouthful headed to the LA Comedy Shorts

Mouthful – starring Conor Casey, directed by Cleveland’s own Bobby Putka will be playing at the LA Comedy Shorts from April 27th-29th.  This will be Conor’s third time at the festival, having starred in The Apostles, and Captain Coulier (dir Lyndon Casey) which took home Best of Fest in 2009.  Conor and Lyndon will be in attendance.


2009 LA Comedy’s Best of Fest

April 10, 2012#

Mellowcholia retweeted by David’s Tea!

We’d like to thank the team over @DAVIDsTEA for having a sense of humour.  It was a touch and go there for a while.  Definitely thought we’d be getting a cease and desist notice.  But I should have known, tea drinkers are chilled out mellow peeps.  thanks again!

April 6, 2012#

Mellowcholia featured on Tea Appreciation’s website and facebook page!


Tea Appreciation Society


April 4, 2012#


A tea addict tells all.


March 19, 2012#


A real, live Hollywood producer dishes the goods on how to sell a screenplay!